He’s freeeeee....free fallin’

AJ Schnell

AJ Schnell is a thrill seeker to say the least! That’s why, on his 18th birthday, he made his first jump out of an airplane and hasn’t stopped skydiving since. Spending almost half his time in the air, it’s no wonder AJ chose construction for his time on the ground. He loves the constant thrill that Morley brings to his work in the field, where every day is a di­fferent challenge that keeps him on his toes and excited to build. On the weekends he’s dedicated to the sky. Returning to soar through the clouds, AJ can’t get enough jumps in a day so he continues his insatiable quest into the night. He joins his girlfriend on dive 125 and counting, both determined to be instructors and help others spread their wings and fly!  

Hometown: Sandy, OR

Alma Mater: Oregon State University

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