Preservation & Modernization

Preservation & Modernization

Construction preservation and restoration present unique challenges and are often more complex than new construction. Accurate as-built documents seldom exist in historic structures, older materials may currently be banned from use and new codes may require changes. In order to mitigate unwelcome surprises and keep a project moving smoothly, Morley has developed a thorough methodology for the modernization of older buildings.

The experience gained in more than six decades of providing construction services is invaluable when making early assessments on complex projects. Morley has developed techniques for minimum tenant impact when upgrading occupied buildings. We offer our broad knowledge of historic buildings of all types and our expertise of innovative construction solutions.

Broad Knowledge of Historic Buildings

  • Sensitivity to historic value of buildings
  • Knowledge of antique materials; relationships with skilled artisans
  • Access to experts when new challenges arise
  • Thoroughness in planning and documentation
  • Extensive experience in seismic strengthening
  • Expertise with procedures required to protect historic finishes
  • Proactive concern for tenants

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