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Morley Builders’ entire business philosophy is based on the “long-term” view. Established 75 years ago, we seek to continually provide high-quality construction services. We believe in treating everyone as we would want to be treated – with  sincerity, honesty, kindness, and trust.

Morley Builders is owned by nearly 150 employees and has a total craftsman payroll that ranges from 300 to 600, depending on the number of self-performed field projects under construction. As a member of Engineering New Record’s (ENR) “Top 400 Contractors,” Morley is prominent in the top echelon of Southern California building constructors each year. Our 75 years of experience has helped us gain the experience necessary to provide the construction leadership, the right tools, and especially the skilled, creative people to meet any construction challenge.

Morley Builders (License No. 649432) contracts its services through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Morley Construction Company (License No. 166461) and Benchmark Contractors, Inc. (License No. 462263)

MCC_logoMorley Construction Company (License No. 166461) is one of the largest Southern California-based general contractors, specializing in Type I and Type II projects built primarily of reinforced concrete and steel. The company builds major civic structures; educational and research facilities; parking structures; commercial, retail, medical and healthcare buildings; and multifamily residential complexes. Additionally, Morley is experienced in design-build, seismic strengthening, preservation, modernization, and LEED® rated/sustainable projects.

Morley’s Concrete Group has the ability to self-perform all structural and architectural concrete-related work with its own workforce including forming, placing, and finishing. The concrete group maintains and operates its own formwork and equipment, and has extensive experience in budgeting and construction structural concrete work. This expertise has been utilized by owner-builders, construction managers, and other general contractors. Morley’s Concrete Group has offices in Santa Monica, Irvine, and San Diego. Please click here for more information about Morley’s structural concrete services.

BCI_logoBenchmark Contractors, Inc. (License No. 462263)  was formed in 1984 to continue the company’s long tradition of multifamily residential projects. Benchmark is skilled in all structure types including steel, concrete, and wood-frame. Our diverse project experience consists of multifamily residential, mixed-use and transit-oriented developments, student housing/campus facilities, and senior/assisted living facilities. Benchmark has the ability to contract with open-shop subcontractors, which can provide significant cost savings on certain projects.

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