512 Rose Apartments Designated LEED Platinum


Archstone Venice on Rose apartments redefine sustainable apartment living. Located in the heart of Venice, these high-design, Platinum LEED certified apartments are well-placed against the eclectic and Earth conscious backdrop of Venice.  The project integrates sustainable living with community and culture, connecting people to place, reinforcing the global impact that sustainable buildings and the people in them have on energy, air, water and quality of life.

Constructed by Morley Builders, the project includes an energy-efficient facade, solar hot water system, water and energy efficient appliances, and use of  local and recycled material. Incorporating non toxic finishes and no added urea-formaldehyde in composite wood products to support improved air quality, the project utilizes renewable energy generation: a solar hot water system that will meet 70% of the building’s annual demand. Water conscious fixtures and appliances and an energy efficient design allows energy consumption to be estimated at 34% less than a typical building, The property will also feature 100% drought tolerant plants which will reduce landscape irrigation by 67%.

Amenities include on-site food production in collaboration with the building’s restaurant tenants, bike storage, a dog park, luxury finishes, thoughtfully designed layouts and community spaces, abundant public parking for nearby retail, ocean friendly landscaping and embraces the city’s art presence, commissioning original pieces inspired by local artists. The project will install approximately 20 pieces of original art, representing 9 artists, through prints, photographs, murals, sculptures and site specific installations.


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