10 West Walnut

10 West Walnut

10 West Walnut is a five-story, Class A creative office building located within the larger development of 100 West Walnut, in Pasadena, California. The master plan for the entire development transforms parking lots surrounding a large corporate headquarters into a mixed-use complex that includes offices, residences, and commercial spaces. The design of the 233,000 square-foot office building at 10 West Walnut features a repeating brick frame that highlights its structural grid and large windows with both fixed and sliding glass panels.


Pocket glass walls connect the lobbies to the street, enabling pedestrians to visit the site’s indoor public space, pass through the building, or access its public plaza. With a variety of seating areas, the plaza provides space for tenants and local residents to gather, work, and socialize. The office interiors are open concrete structures, finished to accommodate high ceilings and generous amounts of daylight. Efficient mechanical systems throughout the building allows the facade to be constructed with glass that has low reflectivity and high visible light transmittance. The building optimizes daylighting to minimize solar heat gain, reduce energy consumption, and improve the building’s overall performance.

Project Size:

233,000 gsf


LPC West

Design Architect:


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