430 Pico Place

430 Pico Place

430 Pico Place is an affordable housing project with 22 two-bedroom and 10 three-bedroom units and subterranean parking located in downtown Santa Monica. The exterior textured skin consists of a mixture of muted and vibrant colors, creating an elegant façade that complements the surrounding buildings and community. Fabric canopies shade the courtyard and provide privacy from the adjacent hotel overlooking the building. Consistent with the Santa Monica community’s values of sustainability and environmental sensitivity, this project earned LEED Platinum certification. Material handling strategies included responsible sourcing of materials and the use of prefabricated wood-framed walls. The onsite construction waste was managed by Morley and hauled to a City of Santa Monica approved recycling facility, allowing the project to achieve an exemplary 93% diversion/recycling rate.



Project Size:

59,665 gsf


Community Corporation of Santa Monica



LEED Rating:

LEED Platinum


Residential Architect Design Awards – Honorable Mention

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