Geffen Playhouse Renovation

Geffen Playhouse Renovation

The Geffen Playhouse project included a major renovation of the original 498-seat theater along with the renovation of the existing lobby and concession areas, ticket office, and special rooms, improving its functionality and modernizing its systems while preserving its historic character. A three-story addition created a second stage with a mezzanine level, office space, green room, wardrobe and dressing rooms, and a glass curtain wall façade.


Originally built as a Masonic clubhouse for UCLA students and alumni in 1929, the building was one of Westwood’s original dozen structures. It was adapted into a theater and then donated to the university in 1994 with the promise that it house live performance in perpetuity. The renovation and addition restored the building’s original craftsmanship and beauty but incorporated modern theatrical requirements such as cutting-edge acoustics and upgraded lighting to enhance the theater-going experience.


The project earned multiple accolades including a Preservation Award from the Los Angeles Conservancy and an award of excellence from the National Council Society of American Registered Architects.


Project Size:

350,000 gsf


The Hileman Company


Ronald Frink Architects


  • Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Awards – Preservation Award
  • Los Angeles Conservancy – Preservation Award
  • Southern California Development Forum – Grand Prize Award
  • Society of American Registered Architects –Annual Design Award, Ronald Frink Architects
  • National Electrical Contractors Association (Los Angeles Chapter) – Prestige Award for Electrical Excellence

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