City of Santa Monica Parking Structure 6

City of Santa Monica Parking Structure 6

The City of Santa Monica Parking Structure 6 is a 285,000-square-foot parking structure in Downtown Santa Monica featuring 750 stalls, eight above-ground and three subterranean levels, approximately 7,000 square feet of retail space, Farmers Market storage, and bicycle racks accommodating up to 90 bicycles. It doubled the number of parking spaces available to the public and incorporates sustainable components such as photovoltaic solar roof panels and 30 electrical vehicle charging stations.


The iconic façade, designed as a series of triangular “sails”, is a combination of perforated and solid aluminum panels functioning as a light enhancement screen, carefully crafted to bring light deep into the building structure. The façade not only provides a functional lighting aspect for the parking structure, it also creates a strong identity and celebrates its proximity to the ocean a block away.


Project Size:

284,940 gsf


City of Santa Monica


Studio Jantzen

LEED Rating:



  • Commercial Award, Southern California Development Forum
  • Sustainable Innovation Award, United States Green Building Council
  • Architectural Concrete Award, ASCC Decorative Concrete Council
  • Award of Excellence, International Parking Institute
  • Parking Facility of the Year, National Parking Association

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